About SDGs@school

SDGs@school is an initiative of MOS

The various tools available on the site were created through a co-creative process facilitated by MOS and Route 2030.

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Various organizations  (Djapo, 11.11.11., Kruit, VIA Don Bosco, rvo-society, team Duurzame Ontwikkeling) and a number of committed teachers participated from their own expertise, gave input and tested the first prototypes of the tools.

Special thanks to all participants of the focus groups! 

What is SDGs@school? 

SDG@school is a website developed to help schools with integrating the SDGs into their school. The SDGs, or Sustainable development Goals, are 17 world goals that all 193 member states of the United Nations are striving to achieve by 2030.

SDGs@school helps teachers and students to:

  •    get some insight on what the SDGs mean to their school.
  •    get some insight on how their school is already working with SDGs.
  •    get inspired to participate with the school to work on the SDGs.
  •    follow up on actions related to the SDGs and communicate about it.

Different tools were included on the site:

SDG compass

The SDG compass allows you to map out how the world goals are being addressed at your school. In doing this exercise, it will become clear how the world goals can be integrated even better in the classroom and at the school as a whole. How can you evaluate sustainable thinking and acting at school to see if it matches the 17 world goals? In this SDG compass, all SDGs were retranslated to fit a school context. This makes it easier for principals, teachers and students to get started. 

SDG ideabox

The SDG ideabox is full of inspiration to start working on one or more SDGs in your school or in your class.

SDG impact rose

The SDG impact rose is made to evaluate a (planned) lesson, project or activity according to the SDGs. On which SDGs did an action/activity have a positive impact? Did it also have an impact on other SDGs? Think about it together and figure out how you can improve your action/activity.

SDG word cloud

The SDG word cloud is a methodology for systems thinking and can be used to figure out which SDGs a lesson subject van be linked to.